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Welcome to the ANRC Rally

The Association of Nene River Clubs, is an umbrella organisation for the boat clubs on the River Nene.  It provides Liaison between the clubs and other bodies such as the Environment Agency, Royal Yachting Association, Inland Waterways Association and the Association of Waterways Cruising Clubs.


The ANRC Rally is an inter-club festival held each year and traditionally hosted by the member river clubs.  Each club competes for the highly prized Ruby Plate and you can expect a fair amount of friendly rivalry.  There are several Ruby Plate events, mostly boating related and, as hosts, we are asked to pick 5 events.  Watch this space for more information on the events …..


Briefly what happens is boats arrive from up and down the river (lots of them) to moor at OCC and campervans too and the Rally officially opens on the Friday evening 25th May 2018 and the prize giving ceremony happens before everyone goes home on the morning of Monday 30th.  We erect a huge marquee on the Island and invite local talent for the evenings’ entertainment, light the BBQ, cook breakfast for everyone who wants it, organise quizzes and bingo and an auction and generally cater for 200ish people’s needs and hope everyone will have a great time and the weather will be kind to us.  Oh and did I mention the beer tent?  The weekend is generally spent socialising and taking part in the boating events, with a great atmosphere of friendship.  Easy peasy.  We can do that.


If you fancy it please come into the clubhouse and chat to us about how you can join in – we will need many bodies to help both over the weekend and the approaching days/weeks – we also need (and most important) our own Team OCC.  We need to win that Ruby Plate.


With your help We can do it




For a poster for the rally theme by clicking link below

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ANRC rally 2018 booking form (printable)

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